Private Collection: V8 Engine Block Modern Coffee Table

DESIGNER:  Joe Munson
PROJECT TYPE:  Furniture
DIMENSIONS:  44″ Length x 13″ Height x 26″ Width
MATERIALS: Powder Coated Steel – engine block, Brushed Stainless Steel – legs & glass connection disk, Tabletop – glass

UNIQUE FEATURES: A raw recycled V8 steel engine block forms the base. No modifications were done to the block. Welded stainless tubes form the legs and are supported via the camshaft holes. A stainless disk is bonded to the glass and engages the oil filter hole making the top a snap to remove.


INSPIRATION:  Using a recycled Chevrolet V8-engine painted glossy white for the base, Joe Munson Studios designed and fabricated this show-stopping coffee table.

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