The (CATALYST) Modern Industrial Wine Rack

PROJECT TYPE:  Wine Rack/ Partition/ Room Divider/ Wall Art/ Modern Wine Rack/ Fabricated Steel Wine Rack Sculpture
DIMENSIONS:  The (Catalyst) is completely customizable, layered in intervals of 18 inches, the catalyst can be single or double-sided — Pictured (Configured as shown, 54 inches wide & 10 Feet Tall). The wine rack can be fabricated up to 10 feet tall fitting floor to ceiling.
MATERIALS:  Hot-Rolled Steel & Brass

UNIQUE FEATURES: This piece of artwork is made to order to within the 18 inches interval specifications. Fully loaded with wine the catalyst can weigh up to 30 pounds per square feet. The center of the Catalyst has a central core structural support system which enables the wine rack to be supportive and create room partitions. The outer curtain walls each hold a layer of wine.

The catalyst design is extremely versatile. The wine rack can be used to configure space and create a focal point in a room or as a partition room divider. It can be installed on hinges to “swing” from one wall to another, like a door, or installed on rails to slide from side to side or slide into a pocket wall.

The Catalyst has some “bling” like jewelry. The stampings are rings of brass. The brass itself has the versatility to resemble many forms of metal such as gold and silver. The rings can be supplemented with any material to add the look and feel desired.


Michael Smith, Farina VIP Room


INSPIRATION:  The Catalyst is a cast relic designed from an era long forgotten. Joe imagined some large foundry in Europe where an artist was summoned to create a masterpiece work of art. With that passion, he created the (Catalyst). Using modern technology, the outer curtains of the wine rack show the advancement within modern art. The inner workings of the catalysts’ core highlight the passion that sculptures pass on from generation to generation creating a timeless object. For Joe, the solid cast iron core surrounded by this light and airy screen is what captivates the wine. It’s the balance between the objects working together that create the (Catalyst).

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