UMKC – Conference Center

DIMENSIONS:  27′ Width x 7′ Height x 4′ Depth
MATERIALS: Powder Coated Aluminum – Door frames, Frosted Tempered Glass – Door panels

UNIQUE FEATURES: Aluminum framed doors incorporate a floating frosted glass panel bonded to the aluminum frame. Flip out handles are released with a key and that action automatically releases the floor lock pin. The lock pin is re-engaged when the handle is rotated back into the frame. The 400lb glass doors are cantilevered from a 400lb solid steel bookcase that is bolted to the subfloor. Custom aluminum desks are integrated into the bookcase.

INSTALLATION LOCATION:  University of Missouri Student Center

University of Missouri Student Center
ARCHITECT:  Gould Evans
DESIGNERS: Amanda Garbach & Joe Munson

Joe is the only designer I know who can take a big idea and create it into something even better than you could have imagined. All aspects of the process from design to complete installation are innovative. The way he thinks is incredible – he is an inventor. Joe’s brain is a perfect balance of right and left. His creativity and design aesthetic are seamlessly supplemented by his ability to integrate the technical engineering that separates his pieces from the rest. Not to mention, Joe is a pleasure to work with every step of the process. Anyone lucky enough to have a Joe Munson design in their project will understand his impact on the entirety of a project.

– Client Amanda Garbach of Gould Evans Architecture

INSPIRATION:  UMKC wanted workstations and reception space to be accessible during the day while secured after hours from adjacent student common space. The collaboration with Gould Evans resulted in the innovative operable glass wall. Joe Munson Studios designed, fabricated and installed four, 400-pound cantilevered, translucent glass and aluminum-framed doors to create a seamless backdrop for the space when the doors are closed while allowing the flow of light to give the notion of movement. The magic of Munson’s mechanical creativity is hidden within the doors’ intricately designed locks, handles and hinges to enable the doors to glide open with awe-inspiring precision and ease. Joe Munson Studios also produced elegant aluminum workstations, reception facilities and laminate casework to make UMKC’s One-Stop-Shop an efficiently beautiful environment to inspire student success.


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