The Savoy Bar in the 21C Museum Hotel – Downtown Kansas City

DESCRIPTION:  Savoy Bar and Back Bar
PROJECT TYPE:  Bar, Back Bar and Upper Back Bar Shelving
21C Museum Hotel
Deborah Berke Partners, New York City
CONTRACTOR:  McCown Gordon Construction

The Bar:  25′ L x 8’ D x 3’6”
Back Bar:  25’ L x 2’ D x 3’6” H
Back Bar Shelving:  3 Shelving Units at 6’ Long/4 Feet Tall/Depth 16 Inches
MATERIALS:  Steel, Mahogany Wood, Brass, Leather, Original Green Tiles, Acrylic Epoxy, Green Marble, Bronze


The Bar:
The bar woodwork mimics the original bar’s personality. Patinaed brass bar top and drink rail, formed brass waitress rail, drink rail with integrated draining system, removable patinaed brass drink rail trays, hand stitched, padded front leather edge, integrated electrical outlets making it convenient for patrons to charge their mobile devices, warm LED lighting is designed into the front of the bar

Back Bar:
Extensive wood carving on doors to emulates the craftsmanship of the original bar, doors are panels for coolers, top of back bar is fabricated out of green marble that matches the green tile on the bar

Upper Back Bar Shelving:
3 separate shelving units made from solid bronze (with urethane coating) stand on top of the back bar, LED up lighting on shelving, LED lighting highlights all the bottled liquor, woven bronze wire panels, staggered shelving for holding and displaying bottles, back bar shelving is supported by internal steel framework that supports the lower back bar, lockable and removable front panels, 37″ flat screen televisions are built into each of the 3 shelving units



INSPIRATION:   Inspired by architect/designer Deborah Berke Partners, New York City, the new bar was designed to be a focal point of the newly updated Savoy Bar in the 21C Museum Hotel.  The bar stools are the original stools from 1903, the design process was challenged with keeping much of the history from the original bar intact.  Restoration of the original columns, woodworking, sconces, green subway tiles, brass foot rails and other bar materials makes the bar a special Kansas City landmark patrons will really enjoy.The bar shelving is up against the original columns and woodwork of the bar, and the original mirrors that are behind the shelving units.

Joe Munson’s collaboration with architect/designer Deborah Berke Partners resulted in a new Savoy Bar with super clean lines, state of the art functionality and exceptional lighting. Keeping liquor under lock and key was also paramount, as the bar is located in an open, public area where city ordinance requires alcohol to be under lock and key.

Recreated the base bar cabinet, made from scratch to imuate the original, radius, raised panel doors, worked closely with the historic preservation society. Celebration of the old and the new, traditional with modern integrated.


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