Pickwick Plaza – East 9 Blade Sign

DESIGNER:  Joe Munson
DIMENSIONS:  4′ Width x 60′ Height x 1′ 6″ Depth
MATERIALS:  Formed Powder Coated Aluminum, Translucent Acrylic (plexiglass, Lucite), Galvanized Steel, LED Lighting

UNIQUE FEATURES:  Project draws from art deco and streamlining cues, the project inspires “wow” comments from the public, powerful and memorable presence. 1920 era inspiration. Support at the bottom of the blade sign converges in an organic shape that supports the overall design.

INSTALLATION LOCATION:  933 McGee St, Kansas City, MO 64105
Google Maps Link: https://goo.gl/maps/Xnkbw88ZpY72

Gold Crown Properties
ARCHITECT:  Helix, Crossroads Arts District Kansas City, MO

We wanted to make Pickwick spectacular, and Joe Munson’s designs made that possible. Joe Munson was referred to me by a friend, and this was a huge blessing!

Joe and I collaborated about the designs for Pickwick, and the end design was amazing. It is one thing to design something, but it is a true craft to create it and bring the design to life.

Joe’s pieces are a significant part of the Pickwick lobby as well as the exterior. His artwork keeps up with the theme and I love the fact that we have original creations with a modern twist. We wanted to make Pickwick spectacular, and Joe Munson’s designs made that possible.

– Tom Smith, Project Manager

INSPIRATION:  The Pickwick project began with the design of the Blade Sign. With much of the original Pickwick building’s subtle gothic design aesthetic used as additional initial inspiration. Originally designed in 1929 by Wight & Wight, the Pickwick Plaza is one of many prominent civic buildings designed by the Kansas City firm – including City Hall, the Jackson County Courthouse and the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art.

Drawing inspiration from art deco shapes, inner and outer radiuses, subtle and gothic style details – Joe was able to modernize classic ideas in the larger than life design of the Blade Sign, which occupies the same original installation spot on the building. The design evokes machine age. Inspiration for the base of the Blade Sign was derived from the shape and form of an old microphone. The retail sign design quickly followed suit after the Blade Sign.


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