Kansas City Missouri School District: Scholastic Trophy

DESIGNER:  Joe Munson
PROJECT TYPE:  Display Cases
DIMENSIONS:  50″ Length x 89″ Height x 50″ Width
MATERIALS: Powder coated aluminum – Bases, Polished Acrylic – Columns and showcases

UNIQUE FEATURES: Machined and polished acrylic Corinthian columns incorporate a circular led array. A polished aluminum scroll engraved with school names is in a lockable showcase. Removable handles stow underneath and are used to push the trophy down the red carpet.


CLIENT:  Kansas City Missouri School District

“Just a short not to say thank you for your inspiration and dedication to the completion of the Kansas City Public Schools Pylons Trophy. Your creative insight and technical skills allowed us to create a student focused award that is a dazzling icon of the spirit of Kansas City! Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work with artists and other professionals on many projects. My experience working with you has been one of the most enjoyable and most exciting.”

– Larry Englebrick ED. D, Missouri School District






INSPIRATION:  Joe Munson designed and fabricated a 7-foot, 600-pound traveling trophy — complete with remote-control LED lighting system and mechanical components to enable it to be rolled into a graduation ceremony with ease — to dramatically recognize students throughout the Kansas City Missouri School District for academic principles on which the sculpture’s Corinthian columns conceptually stand: Leadership, scholarship, character and service.

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