Corrigan Station – Patio Rooftop Bar

DIMENSIONS:  Length: 22 Ft X 5 Inches /Width: 11 FT X 10 Inches/ Height: 8 Ft X 5 Inches
MATERIALS:  Aluminum, Acrylic, Luminous LED Lighting

INSTALLATION LOCATION:  Corrigan Station Rooftop Event Space

CLIENT:  Copaken Brooks, 3D Development

“Joe Munson Studios has consistently delivered unprecedented creativity and ingenuity for our signature development projects. Joe and his team deliver their one-of-a-kind pieces on time and on budget and have set the bar for all inspired components with in our downtown real estate project.”

Aaron Schlagel, VP of Development, Copaken Brooks


UNIQUE FEATURES: The Corrigan Rooftop Bar/Grill has Fabricated Translucent White Acrylic Panels that glow at night with Backlit LED installed into the Acrylic Panels. The bar structure is fabricated from Aluminum. It is architecturally built as a minimalist illuminated structure and is a focal point on the Corrigan Station rooftop bar.

If you look at the bar, you can literally see through the acrylic panels and view the exquisite Kansas City Skyline.
The viscera of the tapered fins engulf you as it pulls you into the illuminated light of the structure. The architecture embellishes the aesthetics of the rooftop bar, making it a go to location for any Kansas City traveler.

SPECS of the CORRIGAN ROOFTOP BAR/GRILL: ¾ inch thick fabricated translucent white acrylic panels, Illuminated LED Backlit acrylic panels (Exterior Walls, Ceiling & Roof), powder coated illuminated aluminum fins (grill)/bar adds to the aesthetics of the bar, anodized aluminum interior, roof drainage system, stainless steel bar appliances, removable canvas covers, installed on a reinforced concrete base

INSPIRATION:  The original concept was an illuminated acrylic cube. Joe looked for inspiration from the Nelson-Atkins’ Bloch Building and was able to capture the feel by creating brilliant illuminated lighting with fabricated translucent white acrylic panels.

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