Ferrari Museum – Memorabilia Display Case

DESIGNER:  Joe Munson
PROJECT TYPE:  Display Cases
DIMENSIONS:  13′ Length x 9′ Height x 3′ Depth
MATERIALS: Polished Aluminum – grille, Powder Coated Aluminum – casework, Electronics

No private Ferrari museum is complete without a nearly 1,000 pound aluminum display to showcase the owner’s memorabilia. We designed this curvilinear structure to fill an otherwise wasted area of the museum space. It measures fourteen feet long by nine feet high and the outer polished aluminum grille is comprised of nearly 1,000 custom welded pieces. Surprisingly this grille was fabricated as one massive structure with the intention of eliminating any undesirable seams and to eliminate any bulk caused by modular designs. A hidden release lever is disguised as one of the grille parts and actuates a mechanism that releases one of the cabinets on a pivot. This cabinet actually becomes a door that allows you to walk behind the structure. The owner stores cleaning supplies in this space but more importantly this permits essential access to an HVAC unit already installed in this corner. Of course the HVAC unit needs ventilation and that was the initial idea behind the grille but it also became a reference to automobile design. The lighting design we chose required us to machine special cavities in thin quarter inch aluminum shelves to conceal 30 high power l.e.d.’s and the wires that power them. The thickness of the aluminum was just enough to accommodate the electronics. The aluminum shelves served the added function of dissipating the heat generated by the l.e.d’s. and without this function the l.e.d’s would of burned out within a minute or so.

UNIQUE FEATURES: One piece welded / polished aluminum grille. Cabinet doubles as secret door with hidden release mechanism. LED lighting is machined into ¼” aluminum shelves.


Kim Tucker

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