Bob Greenspan Photography: Hull Worktable

DESIGNER:  Joe Munson
PROJECT TYPE:  Furniture
DIMENSIONS:  86″ Length x 37″ Height x 44″ Width
MATERIALS: Blackened steel – frame, High build lacquered Walnut – drawers, Polished solid surface – tabletop

UNIQUE FEATURES: The frame resembles the Hull of a boat. The drawers actually cantilever from the steel tube spine. The end panels are water-jet cut from sheets of solid ½” hot rolled steel. Two massive flat file drawers are concealed within the skirt and the other sides’ skirt is structural.


Bob Greenspan


INSPIRATION:  Joe Munson finds design inspiration everywhere including the sea. To create a sturdy yet elegant worktable for a leading Kansas City photographer, Joe Munson Studios fabricated a smooth white solid surface top that appears to float on a steel and walnut base constructed like the hull of a boat. The standing-height worktable features thirteen drawers cantilevered from a central steel spine that spans two heavy gauge steel plates; drawer slides are concealed beneath the drawer boxes. Heavy-duty medical casters quickly lock/unlock with a quick toe flip and feature custom hubcaps that round out the sleek and purposeful design.

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