Integrated Bottom-up Window/Privacy Shades

DESIGNER:  Joe Munson
PROJECT TYPE: Window/Privacy Shades
DIMENSIONS:  96″W x 96″H x 2.5″D
MATERIALS: Powder coated aluminum – Frame and shade enclosure. Nylon mesh – Roller shade

UNIQUE FEATURES: Bottom-up design provides a distinctive exterior view.A simple hand crank effortlessly controls the position of the shade. Guide tracks keep the shade securely in position and all cords are concealed.


CLIENT:  Steven & Sarah Hopkins

Joe has the ability to address quality, design and functionality with ease. He cares about every detail of the project and the process. For our projects, there is no one else in the KC area with his skill set and overall passion to create aesthetic, custom work.

– Client, Sarah Hopkins





INSPIRATION:  Our client wanted privacy shades for their grand, ground-floor loft windows that overlooked a parking lot. Yet they didn’t want to block iconic Kansas City skyline views. Also on their wish list was a shade without dangling cords or chains. It turned out that no such product existed. So Joe Munson Studios invented the automatic Bottom-Up Window Shades.

The integrated shade system was built from extruded aluminum that included built-in tracks. A hand-crank smoothly positions the shades, bottom to top. No cords are exposed. The result is more than a shade, but a smart, artistically elegant solution.

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