Series 1 Furniture Line

PROJECT TYPE:  Lounge Furniture
DIMENSIONS:  30″ Length x 30″ Height x 30″ Width
MATERIALS: Polished Aluminum, Leather, Magnets

UNIQUE FEATURES:  Machined solid billet aluminum side profiles. Formed aluminum panels engage the machined profiles. A system of internal magnets keeps the cushions securely in place

CLIENT:  Sukhoi
DESIGNER:  Joe Munson


INSPIRATION:  Joe Munson’s previous company, Sukhoi, created the Series One furniture line. The sleek line reimagined lounge furniture into classic, sculptural designs. The luxurious chairs and sofas are made of machined billet aluminum with interlocking aluminum panels. The frames are polished to a mirror-like shine, resulting in the illusion of a seamless piece of sculpture that is elegant and comfortable with masterfully tailored, French-seamed leather cushions. A series of internal magnets within the frames and cushions keep the cushions securely in place. This line was recognized at the London International Creative Conference and displayed at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York City.

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