Barmobile’s True Steering Caster System – Beautifully Engineered Bar Cart Mobility


The problem with most traditional bar carts is that they lack true mobility, making what should be a fun and exciting portable bar cart experience, more of an ordeal for both your patrons and your staff.  At Barmobile we believe we have found the solution to that problem, with our True Steer Caster System! Our custom bar cart casters are designed to have true surface to surface mobility, streamlined stability, and unmatched durability.

The Barmobile Concord Bar Cart True Steer Caster System is made up of four independent medical grade thermoplastic rubber swivel casters with a total lock braking system, giving the user a truly mobile bar cart with added stability. The fluid, True Steer Caster System makes Barmobile fully functional at any venue: restaurants, poolside, hotels, country clubs, businesses, and your own upscale residential indoor and outdoor spaces.



Fluid & Smooth Bar Cart Mobility Benefits:

  • Smooth Rolling Thermoplastic Rubber Wheels
  • Durable Top Plate Kingpin Swivels
  • Stable Wheel Width of 32mm
  • Attractive Gray Color Matches, Compliments All Barmobile Color Options
  • Adapts to both Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Won’t Damage Delicate Flooring
  • Quiet, Low Noise
  • Great for Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts, Businesses, Poolside, Event Spaces, Home Use…Just About Anywhere!



Barmobile compact, portable bar carts are meticulously engineered to be a well-balanced one of a kind entertainment swiss army knife. Our mobile bar carts are sure to be an attention-grabbing focal point of any restaurant, bar, venue, or event.


“We didn’t invent the wheel, we just engineered the absolute sexiest way to serve drinks on them!”