Bar Carts – Customizable, High-end Tableside Service


In the everchanging entertainment, and food & beverage industries; trends come and go, but one thing that remains the same is the patron’s craving for a unique atmosphere and experience!  Barmobile bar carts amplify the patron experience with innovative, eye-catching tableside beverage service.  You are going to want to add one to your venue the first time you see it in action.

Get Creative – Customize the Look and Feel of Your Bar Cart


Barmobile Bar Carts are highly customizable.  From custom color choices, wood trim options; to adding your logo or wrapping your cart in graphics that match your branding, Barmobile’s portable bar carts are individual works of art with precision engineering.  We guarantee our bar carts will add an attention-grabbing feature to your establishment, helping you to serve/sell more beverages. Barmobile also offers a multitude of additional add-on options, ask us how we can customize one or more for you!

Custom Logos & Full Bar Cart Graphic Wraps


We know you have worked hard to build your brand and we understand that you don’t just put your name on anything. Barmobile bar carts are a high-end mobile bar cart design, we’re not your standard utility cart.  Restaurants, Bars, Venues and Businesses love the option of customizing and proudly displaying their logo and graphics on their bar carts.  Take your Barmobile bar cart outside of your establishment, it’s an impressive way to market your brand at events!  You will be amazed at the attention it gets, serve drinks with your sales pitch at your next marketing event.

Add Your Logo:  One Color and full color options, one or both sides, up to 20″ x 20″, premium indoor/outdoor vinyl

Full Vinyl Graphic Bar Cart Wraps:  Full color, premium indoor/outdoor vinyl


Barmobile Bart Carts come in a 5 Standard Colors

Barmobile Standard Color Options


  • Mirror White
  • Stealth Black
  • Silver Metallic
  • Ferrari Red
  • Gunmetal
  • Custom Colors are also available for an additional charge, please reach out for more information.



Barmobile – The Only Bar Cart That’s as Easy to Clean as it is to Push


Barmobile Bar Carts are crafted with extremely durable, light weight, airplane grade aluminum.  All carts are powder coated in your color of choice.  Our powder coat process creates a beautiful surface that is scratch and chip resistant.  Our carts are sexy, sleek and ready to take on take the rigorous routine of entertainment, and food & beverage industries.

The simplicity and durability of our powder coatings add a seamless, watertight seal that is ideal for indoor & outdoor use!

Barmobile bar carts are compact, portable and meticulously engineered to be a well-balanced one of a kind entertainment swiss army knife. Our mobile bar carts will help you ramp up your beverage sales by making it easy for your patrons to order their drinks tableside.  Your staff will enjoy piloting the bar cart from table to table, delighting patrons with their mixology skills!



“We didn’t invent the wheel, we just engineered the absolute sexiest way to serve drinks on them!”